We only source herbs and spices that are produced organically and/or sustainably wild harvested.  We procure herbs and spices that are certified fair trade only.   This means the products we provide for your enjoyment are done so with an appreciation of our earth, our water and the intertwining lives of plants, animals and humans.  When you use these spices you can be assured that the earth that grew them and the plants that produced them were well cared for.  You can also be assured the people planting, working and harvesting these herbs and spices were paid a fair wage for their labors.


Spices are an amazing gift from the world of plants.  They can take a student’s simple dish of beans and rice and turn it into a delicious satisfying meal fit for the finest restaurants.  A simple cup of tea, made from dried spearmint, can calm an unhappy stomach.  The smell of cinnamon and clove can evoke the happy memories of cookies and cakes fresh from the oven or a holiday meal.  Spices and herbs are a wonderful gift from the earth to enjoy and appreciate.


The whole romance of the spice trade is expressed by the spices themselves.  The way in which the spice trade opened one country to the next and connected the entire world by trade continues to this day.  In the past spices for food were mostly for the nobility.  Now everyone is the nobility and even the most exotic spices are available to all.  Spices continue to bring a greater understanding of world cultures by allowing anyone to experience the vast varieties of the culinary world right in your own kitchen.